The Shards of Nihrel

According to legend, when the great star Nihrel fell, its fragments scattered across the heavens, and five Shards fell to Orennia. Discover these Shards with Danyen as he continues his adventure.

Slenya, the Shard of Pain

Slenya was first found on Cliff D'nyra and crafted into a sword, eventually making its way into the hands of Danyen's father. A mysterious Blight taints the sword, giving it an insidious will that is said to corrupt those who wield it. Beyond these rumors, Slenya—a name which means pain, has powers yet undiscovered.

Eldan, the Sword of Light

Even less is known about Eldan, also a star-sword, except that its magic can be used to protect its wielder. It does not appear to have a curse, but its magic is difficult to release.

Ikneth, the Black Saber

A star-sword of Ethria, once wielded by the mighty and terrible Lord Trivin. It gave the wielder incredible speed—and a shortened life. Like Slenya, Ikneth appears to have a Blight that has corrupted it.

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