The Book

Danyen is the quiet son of a fisherman, secluded from the conflicts brewing in the world around him—until he discovers his father’s secret.

It is the blade Slenya, one of the scattered Shards of a fallen star, legendary for its terrifying power. When soldiers attack his village in search of the sword, Danyen must leave everything behind, one heart-pounding step ahead of his pursuers, with only the support of an enigmatic adventurer and the hidden Shard. Enemies seek him at every turn, from savage renegades with plans of glory to the great dragons of the world.

But it is the sword itself, and its insidious curse, that pose the greatest danger of all. Slenya is slowly changing Danyen. If he fails to destroy the curse in time, he may lose his very humanity. In this gripping adventure of courage and sacrifice, Danyen will need to become something more than just a simple village boy if he is to survive.

Praise for Danyen’s Gift

“Full of magic, action, and suspense, it is a novel of rich storytelling that kept me enchanted long after I finished reading.”

—Kevin Hosey, Cliffhanger Books

“Whether you're looking for a book which will capture your imagination, keep you engaged with an exciting plot and leave you aching for more, or whether you love savoring the world created by a gifted 19-year-old author and getting to know its occupants and accompanying them throughout their trials, it's all within Danyen's Gift.”

—U.S. Board on Books for Young People

“I couldn't put it down.”

—Ron Unger

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