The Peoples of Orennia

Many people make up the world of Orennia: some human, some otherwise. Meet the races and allegiances of the world.

Races of Orennia


Humans make up a majority of the populations of Orennia—or so they believe. So far, they have established civilizations on all the known continents and developed several major languages. The primary language of western Orennia, disseminated and enforced by the Republic, is Hulian.


The humans of Orennia know little about those who dwell undersea: the merlukon, fish-men, who have had little communication with anyone above water. Therefore, their numbers—and their capabilities—are unknown.


This ancient race is elusive but proud. Few have spotted a dragon since ages past, but none of these unfortunate people have returned to tell about it. Only tales and whispers provide any hints about the true nature of these beings.


They are small, and they are fierce. Still, their race has fallen from a once-great people in ages past to tribes of scavengers hiding in the hills of Sangnu.


These shadow-creatures are not natural beings. Almost nothing is known about them, except that they crave the Shards—and fear them.


The Western Republic

The Republic, headed by a council-appointed Prince, reigns supreme in western Orennia. Its borders extend from Ernai to Sangnu to Learck, providing protection and safety to those under its silver banner—despite the corruption that plagues it.

The Lothes

A collection of rebel clans living in the mountains and villages of Learck. The Wrathblade clan has assimilated many others under its leader, Claw, and they plan to conquer not only the rest of the Lothes but all of western Orennia as well.

The Journeymen of Ethria

The Journeymen, a group of righteous heroes long disbanded, roamed eastern Orennia in a quest to eradicate corruption and injustice from the world. Although they made an enormous impact to the lives of people of the East, the trials and challenges they faced ultimately proved too much for their numbers.

The Irkiu

One who sees these warriors is likely not their target. The Irkiu is a band of rogue warriors, assassins, and misfits guided by the hand of the infamous Reeku, a temperamental man with a deadly reputation. Reeku seeks the Shards Eldan and Slenya in a personal quest for power.

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